Your body contains an astonishing capacity to heal itself at the cellular level. The administration of exosomes – little fluid sacs called extracellular vesicles – stimulates anti-inflammatory and reparative processes in your body to heal injuries and reduce pain. The exosomes send messages to cells throughout the body, instructing them to repair degenerated or injured tissue.


Exosomal therapy is applied to a range of ailments in medicine such as:
– Osteoarthritis

– Inflammation

– Injury

– Poor healing

– Chronic pain/joint pain

Treatment uses exosomes from young cells in order to repair older, deteriorated cells. In aesthetics, exosomes are clinically proven to approve the appearance of the skin and scalp:

– Fine lines, Wrinkles, & Age related pigment

– Overall brightness and hydration

– Redness and skin irritation

– Skin lesions and scars

– Texture and pore size

– Promotes healthy hair growth

– Noticeably reduces hair shedding

– Visibly makes hair look and feel softer and shinier

Here’s how a typical aesthetic treatment session goes: Exosomes can be applied topically to accelerate the healing process from certain aesthetic treatments and/or used during a microneedling session.

Exosomes expose your cells to new growth factors. A growth factor is a protein, and it stimulates cells to grow, differentiate, proliferate and heal.
Exosomes are basically a by-product of a stem cell. In your body, exosomes are released from certain cells, and then travel throughout the body carrying messages to other cells. They contain genetic information and prompt cells to behave in certain ways. The exosomes most often come from mesenchymal stem cells harvested from amniotic fluid or fat cells. These young exosomes communicate with the cells in the treatment area, stimulating the healing process and reducing inflammation.

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