Medical professionals have known about the body’s natural regenerative abilities for many years. The body’s inherent intelligence has been harnessed by doctors across all fields, including orthopedics, dentistry, and sports medicine. Growth factors are common for promoting joint recovery and managing the degenerative disease. Growth factors were discovered to be beneficial for the body’s largest organ, the skin, only a matter of time.


We are pleased to offer Natural Growth Factor treatments to help our patients address their cosmetic concerns.


Natural Growth Factors are organic substances that have long been advocated for their role in tissue regeneration and wound healing. Everyone has this substance in their blood, which makes it safe and convenient. Growth factors are obtained through a simple blood draw and centrifuge (spinning) process. Centrifugation of the blood separates the needed growth factors from red blood cells and other products.

A number of growth factors are produced by epithelial and vascular cells, as well as by fibroblasts and connective tissues. Various types of growth promote vital processes, such as inflammation, blood vessel regeneration, tissue remodeling, and cell proliferation.

The growth factors are involved in almost every regenerative process in the body. When the growth factors are injected just beneath the skin, it stimulates collagen proliferation, through which a number of benefits occur. An injection of natural growth factors adds volume to areas of the face that have begun to droop or atrophy. The cheeks can be rounded out to soften bags and dark circles under the eyes. Due to ongoing collagen remodeling, growth factor injections also promote softer, smoother, tighter skin over time.

Injections of natural growth factors are also beneficial because they are safe for all skin types and tones. The organic nature of the treatment, using your own blood product, significantly reduces the potential for side effects such as allergic response.

Natural growth factors improve the health and appearance of the skin in two ways. A gentle microneedling procedure can also be used to apply the product topically to soften wrinkles, hollows, and areas of deflation.

The way that growth factors improve texture, volume, and radiance is by inducing numerous regenerative processes. The various growth factors that exist within the blood provide essential proteins, hormones, electrolytes, and other nutrients to the skin. Fibrin polymer is formed by proteins, which creates firmer, more youthful tissues. The growth factors naturally respond to injuries in the body, prompting accelerated tissue regeneration through vascular and cellular regrowth.

A growth factor injection takes only slightly longer than an average injectable treatment. A standard blood draw is the first step. The treatment area can be numbed with a numbing cream while the blood is centrifuged. This takes only a few minutes. Injections may be recommended based on careful observation of the face. The entire process is typically completed within 15 to 20 minutes. Microneedling with natural growth factors is also brief, taking approximately 30 minutes from start to finish.

Natural growth factors procedures are safe and can be performed immediately following the procedure. There may be some redness and swelling. There may be minor bruising in some patients. After treatment, these side effects usually disappear within a day.

Microneedling with growth factors may boost radiance and softness of the skin immediately. As natural growth factors work beneath the surface to restructure the collagen matrix in superficial tissue, results from injections alone become more apparent after a few weeks.

Patients notice improvements as healing mechanisms increase, such as:

– Smoother texture due to improved collagen formation.

– More radiance due to new blood vessel formation.

– Fresher, younger-looking skin due to the influx of vital nutrients.

Several studies have shown that patients treated with growth factor facials and facelifts see their results improve over time. In the months following microneedling or injections, the effects of cellular regeneration may be more apparent. The reason for this is that plasma stimulates cellular activity, which results in collagen and elastin remodeled.

Growth factors improve the skin gradually, while other injectables gradually degrade as the body metabolizes them. Growth factor treatments can provide results that last for more than a year, even up to two years. In addition, research suggests that growth factor treatments could slow down the natural degenerative process of aging.

Growth factor treatments, even when performed for aesthetic gains, fall into the category of regenerative medicine. The growth factors literally stimulate cellular regeneration wherever the organic product is introduced. Growth factors support the body’s natural healing mechanisms and do not contain any foreign substances. Due to this, allergic reactions are almost nonexistent.

The use of growth factor injections and microneedling treatment requires the care of a trained professional. Although the risk of prolonged swelling and infection is low, the manner in which treatment is performed can affect the outcome. Our team has been educated about growth factor treatments’ safe, effective, and comfortable performance.

Your body has incredible regenerative powers, and we know how to harness them. Contact us today to learn more about our Natural Growth Factor services.

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